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Author: BoissevainMortonFoundation

Building our future

On June 8, 2018 the Boissevain and Morton Foundation joined Mr. Birch’s grade 6 class at the Boissevain School. The students were asked to create posters of what projects would enhance Boissevain Morton. They came up with outstanding ideas while learning about the important role community foundations play in “building our future.”

Their ideas included a football field, basketball and tennis courts, a new sports complex, a skate park, ball diamonds, an 18 hole golf course, a studio, a circus or a fair and professional services like an optometrist and a dentist. A lot of creativity, thought and work went into their posters. The class did a tremendous job! Well done Grade 6, it was a fun morning!

February is show your community love month

Boissevain & Morton Foundation interviewed Barrie & Helen Hole, a retired couple who have lived here their whole lives, raised a large family in Boissevain, and who are still very active volunteers in our community.

Why did their family choose to live here?

They chose to live here because they are a farming family. They love this region because of the close knit community and all the recreation facilities available. ie. Provincial Park, Peace Garden, Swimming Pool, Bowling Alley, Curling & Skating Rink, golf course; numerous campgrounds and right next door to a 24-hour port.

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McIntosh Family Legacy Fund

A local family is making sure Boissevain gets a little help to meet the ever-changing community needs by donating $10,000 to a Family Legacy Fund with the Boissevain & Morton Foundation. Alex and his wife, Helen, and their two children, Tim and Judy, came to Boissevain in 1963 when Alex was transferred with Manitoba Telephone System.

The McIntosh family were down-to-earth, working-class people who believed in community involvement. Once they settled in Boissevain, they knew this is where they wanted to plant their roots and raise their

family. For this reason, leaving a bequest to the local Foundation was a perfect home for their charitable giving, and because their fund continues to grow, the amount will increase in value each year, which is good news for Boissevain. Alex passed away in March 2016; Helen currently resides at Westview Lodge.

Composting and Wood Chipping Centre

In 2015 the Foundation built a Composting and Wood Chipping Centre.

Please note the composting site is for leaves and grass clippings only – no branches, kitchen waste or other garbage are allowed. Trees and other waste must still be taken to the local landfill.

Bags of leaves and grass clippings must be emptied in the back part of the compost bay. Empty plastic bags can be thrown into the blue garbage bin provided. Large paper bags for leaves may be placed directly into the composting bay. Please keep area clean of garbage and plastic bags.

Once leaves and grass clippings are ready to use a sign will be posted that it is available to use as garden mulch.

The public also has free access to the wood chips in the centre bay,  that can be used for garden landscaping.

To access the composting bin and wood chip bin take the service road on the north side of Boissevain. It is located next to the Boissevain Recycling Depot.

Jacob Dyck bequest $369,000

In 2015 we received a wonderful surprise. Jacob D. Dyck bequested an additional $119,000 to the Boissevain & Morton Foundation. This adds to the $150,000 bequest already received.

This leaves a total bequest of $369,000.


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