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February is show your community love month

Boissevain & Morton Foundation interviewed Barrie & Helen Hole, a retired couple who have lived here their whole lives, raised a large family in Boissevain, and who are still very active volunteers in our community.

Why did their family choose to live here?

They chose to live here because they are a farming family. They love this region because of the close knit community and all the recreation facilities available. ie. Provincial Park, Peace Garden, Swimming Pool, Bowling Alley, Curling & Skating Rink, golf course; numerous campgrounds and right next door to a 24-hour port.

How did they find raising a family in the community?

Raising a family in Boissevain brings to mind the quote “It takes a village to raise a child” Helen says. “The volunteerism which the children out here are raised with is a big part of their lives.”

From the schools Youth in Philanthropy program to our volunteer theatre and recycling depot to name a few. “One of our favourite times of the year is July 1st “. At this time we celebrate Canada Day with a march of Flags recognizing all countries represented in our community.

What is their favourite place to visit in the community?

A few of the Holes favourite places to visit are the 3 local museums and Chokecherry Junction. The Wildlife Museum has a fantastic collection of animals. The Moncur Gallery has unique artifacts collected in the Turtle Mountain Area. The Beckoning Hills Museum is a wonderfully catalogued assortment of our past achievements and inventions. Chokecherry Junction has award winning model railway collection featuring a variety of engines and cars representing the CN, CP, Hudson Bay and Ontario Northland Railway. View intricately detailed replicas of a pioneer threshing machine, Port of Churchill ship and tug, refinery, and a pulp and paper mill.

How has the Community Foundation benefitted their community?

The Boissevain & Morton Foundation built a compositing site about three years ago. It includes one bin, which is filled with wood chips for the people of Boissevain & Morton to use. The other two bins are used for grass and leaves and the resulting composite is free to take for our avid gardeners in the area.

One of the recent grant recipients that have impacted our community is a bequest from Jacob D. Dyck to our Health Recruitment fund. This fund allows the board to provide educational funds to the nursing staff of our hospital. This assures continuing care to a degree in our local hospital and two care homes.