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Ways to give



Every gift made to a Manitoba community foundation during the
Endow Manitoba Giving Challenge
is stretched by The Winnipeg Foundation.

Watch for updates on the next Giving Challenge
Coming in Fall 2024.
Check the Endow Manitoba website for details.

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A gift that honours life

A thoughtful contribution to the Foundation is meaningful way to pay tribute to honour the memory of someone. It is a gesture of lasting value. Upon receipt of memorial donations, the Foundation notifies the honouree’s survivors with a remembrance card. Those honoured by a tribute donation are contacted in the same way. The amount of tribute and memorial contributions is always confidential.

Make it a thank you gift

Suggest friends and family make a donation in lieu of gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or other milestones. Or make a donation as an alternative of sending out thank you cards. Special occasions are good reminders of the importance of giving to others.

Create a legacy by establishing a Named Memorial  Fund

Through The Boissevain & Morton Foundation, you have an opportunity to make a lasting difference in your community and to help shape its future. The donation you make, whether received during your life time, or afterward through a bequest in your will or a life insurance policy, will be invested as permanently endowed funds to generate income for charitable purposes in the community, year after year

Start a Family Legacy Fund

A minimum of $5,000 is required to establish a named fund. If there are financial constraints, the fund may be opened with an initial contribution of $1,000 with an agreement to build it up to $5,000 within 5 years. Once the fund is over $5000 you can decide to designate your fund to any community organization, Church, etc. or leave as undesignated for community granting purposes. Everytime you make a contribution to the Foundation, no matter size of donation or for what reason it can be added to your Family Fund.

Community Fund

The Community Fund provides the Foundation with the flexibility to decide where the earnings can be used most effectively each year to meet the community’s needs as they change from generation to generation.

Donor Designated

Donors may specify one or more charitable organizations or institutions to be perpetual beneficiaries of the net annual income from their fund.

Field of Interest Funds

Donors may request that the Foundation direct the earnings from their fund to a particular area of interest that include: Sports and Recreation, Beautification, Community Health & Wellness and Education. Gifts of these kinds give broad discretion to the Grants Committee to select the organizations that can most effectively achieve the Donor’s charitable intent.

Donor Advised

Donors may advise the Foundation each year as to which charitable organizations are to benefit from the earnings of their fund.

Under these programs, the Foundation manages the funds administration, evaluation and granting to charities under the guidelines mutually agreed upon between the donor and the Foundation.