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Composting and Wood Chipping Centre

In 2015 the Foundation built a Composting and Wood Chipping Centre.

Please note the composting site is for leaves and grass clippings only – no branches, kitchen waste or other garbage are allowed. Trees and other waste must still be taken to the local landfill.

Bags of leaves and grass clippings must be emptied in the back part of the compost bay. Empty plastic bags can be thrown into the blue garbage bin provided. Large paper bags for leaves may be placed directly into the composting bay. Please keep area clean of garbage and plastic bags.

Once leaves and grass clippings are ready to use a sign will be posted that it is available to use as garden mulch.

The public also has free access to the wood chips in the centre bay,  that can be used for garden landscaping.

To access the composting bin and wood chip bin take the service road on the north side of Boissevain. It is located next to the Boissevain Recycling Depot.